What our references say

Dear inventors, product developers. Until now we've serviced many people and companies  all over the world with patent search, patent drawings, technical documentation, design, prototyping and manufacturing tasks. Here you can examine some work that we've done and read some comments about us.

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Prof. Dr. Saliha Karatay - Ankara / TURKEY

Kanber is a talented and creative engineer. We conducted an academic work together and he helped us on prototyping and technical dravings of our acupunctural treatment device. He was very good at finding tech solutions to any problem and we thanked him in our medical publication in which he also helped us with the patent-like drawings. Then Innobrothers offered me a medical consultancy and I accepted it. Thank you Kanber, thank you Innobrothers.

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Greig J Farrier - Florida / USA

Innobrothers is the only choice for cutting edge technology. They have worked with our team to provide us with some great products and services. Their services have been an increasingly important part of our end products development. Thanks Kanber.

Sezgin Ünlü - Antalya / TURKEY

As my job, I design and manufacture mechanical machinery and Kanber helps me on the electronics and on some parts that require special design and cost reduction actions. On our last cooperation he designed a part that is really hard to get manufactured at low cost. I am grateful that they offered me a consultancy at the end, thank you.

Some of the references that we had requested a comment couldn't supply us with their photos, so here are their words in below. Unfortunately, we also cannot share the images from the designs we've made for them

Subhransu Misra - Utah / USA

I asked Kanber to manufacture my mould design on CNC, he proved himself to be very talented and quick in manufacturing. My item was shipped in few days, amazing ! Thank you..

Barış - Anko Enerji - Antalya / TURKEY

We are in continuous partnership with Innobrothers and they provide us with technical manufacturing documents, electromechanics design and electronics prototyping services.

George Bougados - Toronto / CANADA

We are glad that we worked with innobrothers. Kanber is a well connected professional that always takes time to support you anytime. He and his team showed great enthusiasm and brought brilliant ideas to the solution. Innovative really. Thanks for all.

Ramazan Kuru - Antalya / TURKEY

Innobrothers is my partner in electronics. They provide us with distribution box design and manufacturing tasks as well as prototyping our new ideas. We applied for a patent last summer and Kanber helped us with patent drawings. I am so glad that we are keeping our contact and I also help them on mechanical design and manufacturing tasks.

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