Open Innovation Concept

Draw external ideas & projects into your business with Open Innovation

Open innovation is what we do, we bring ideas and new products to your business. Watch the video below about open innovation.

GE's success with open innovation

LAST YEAR, THE aviation engineers at General Electric found themselves with a jet engine bracket problem. At 4.48 pounds each, the brackets, little pieces of metal that support engine components, were weighing the plane down. Now, in the grand scheme of airplanes, a five-pound bracket seems pretty harmless, but it was a problem nonetheless, and one GE thought was solvable. “We thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out way to make the bracket lighter?” recalls Steve Liguori, GE's Executive Director of Global Innovation & New Models.

Click here and read the article on Wired magazine..

Importance of open innovation for P&G

Watch the A.G. Lafley talking about the importance of open innovation for P&G.

Open innovation process in Loreal

Listen to Esohe Omoruyi about the open innovation process in Loreal.

Under Armour's Open Innovation Model

Watch the video on Jason Burns giving information about Under Armour's open innovation model.

Honda R&D Silicon Valley | Open Innovation

Watch officers from Honda Silicon Valley Labs talking about their open innovation programs.