About Innobrothers

We are a team of professionals that can create, screen, prototype and test profitable ideas. In most cases we push them forward for licence based business models. We also create  cooperative business models and our own brands.  Innobrothers brand has been started up by Kanber, who had been inventing for companies. He has been applying for patents for more than 10 years.

Listen to our story from the founder

After seeing my designs during my highshool times, my uncle told me that I need a proper engineering education to bring those to life. And I did. I received my E&E Engineering degree from METU, that was the place where I started my practical innovation journey.  Since then, I worked for renewables, embedded systems, industrial automation systems, electric vehicles and energy distribution industries. In this period of more than 10 years, I invented several solutions for these companies such as electrostatic surface cleaner, automated monorail controller and e-smart seal for meters. Throughout my career, I've learned evaluating innovative ideas and select them according to their potential, applied to tens of utility patents for different ideas.

In all these years, ideas were accumulating. It was impossible to manufacture or sell all of the ideas and I wasn't really sure what to do with them. One day, my wife was on the kitchen yelling to the brand of a kitchen gadget. She was saying "would somebody tell this XXX brand to make these a little larger!!". Wauv, that was it.. I could tell the brands.. Share innovative ideas with them to create win-win business models.

That was how I was triggered to meet the open innovation concept and the business model called "idea licencing" in 2019.  After investigating the resources on internet and  contacting with certain people I decided to start up our brand Innobrothers. Yes, it will be mostly me working on our concepts but creative and valuable people are joining to our team, we are and will be more effective team really soon.

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Kanber, Founder

Burcu, COOE

Elvan, Human Resources Expert

Müge, Photography & Marketing Expert

Saliha, Prof. Dr. & Medical Consultant

Kaan, Electronics Engineer

Ramazan, Visual Design and Manufacturing Expert

Sezgin, Machine Design and Construction Expert

Saziver, Graphic Designer

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