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Open Innovation is our thing

We are a bunch of professionals that can create, screen, prototype and test profitable ideas and push them forward for licence based business models. So, we serve global companies with ideas and inventors & product developers with tech & marketing support.

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Are you a Global Company ?

We can introduce valuable ideas and new products to your business.  We can do that if you let us create a communication channel between us and keep it. We will learn your way of doing business, your needs and your market. Then we will be able to create new products that exactly fit your market.

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Looking for new products ?

If yes, that means you are open to product ideas coming from outside and also ready to leverage a tested, cost effective and successful method, open innovation.

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We have the IB Scoring System

Present your idea to the target company with a sell sheet. Its a strong, proven way and we can prepare sell sheets, datasheets, manuals and presentations for you.

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Are you an Inventor ?

We can get support your idea with evaluating and prototyping, we can help you prepare marketing materials also.

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Innobrothers Türkiye

Uluslararası firmalar için ürün fikirleri geliştirerek bunları kârlı iş modellerine dönüştürüyoruz. Değerli fikirlerinizin dünya genelindeki hedef firmalara ulaşması için bizimle iletişime geçin.

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