We provide prototyping & manufacturing services for your ideas

We have been dealing with R&D projects for different markets for more than 10 years. We've been doing many kinds of idea evaluation, patent research, electronical & mechanical design, prototyping tasks and more..

  • Would you like to have a professional opinion about your idea ? (Your idea will be %100 safe with us)
  • Would you like to see if your idea has a potential to be invested in or not ?
  • Do you need electronics or mechanical (complete) design for your idea or project ?
  • Do you need cost effective prototyping and manufacturing services on your products ?

Like hundreds of inventors and companies we've helped before, now it's probably the best time for us to help you !

We are a small company, hence we respond fast in a cost effective manner

You don't want to deal with corporates to support your ideas and projects. Instead, if you contact us, our approach will always provide you low cost and highly effective solutions. On this side there will be no mambos jambos.

Click here to investigate our services..   Are you a student ? If yes, we help you for free.

Complete idea evaluation - Prior art & patent search - Electronics design & manufacturing - Mechanical design & manufacturing - Technical drawings & documents - Tests & reviews - Patent drawings

Email: kanber@innobrothers.com